Things You Shouldn’t Burn In Your Fireplace

Living Room Fireplace

Everyday, individuals see multiple warning labels on various products. However, we rarely pay attention to them. If you begin to look at the labels, some are so ridiculous that they evoke laughter. However, comedic or not, all of these labels save a purpose and should be taken seriously. Warning labels are purposely made to keep consumers safe when using products.

Overall, gas fireplaces have some of the most important warning labels that exist. Many people may overlook their fireplace warning label, but they shouldn’t. To reiterate many warning labels, below are 3 top things that should never be burned in a fireplace.

Painted Wood

Pressure treated or painted wood may look safe enough to burn. In fact, a person may not even give burning painted wood a second thought. However, the chemicals that are used to paint the wood become highly toxic when they are set on fire. It is important to never burn pressured, painted or pressed wood on a wood stove or in a gas fireplace. Another type of wood that you should never burn is driftwood. Driftwood from the ocean contains chemicals that are potentially toxic when burned. Furthermore, gas fireplaces that contain burning driftwood often become inoperable due to the toxic nature of the wood.


Garbage is a terrible thing to burn in your fireplace. Other than the fact that it would smell horrible, the toxins in the trash can be deadly. Furthermore, a lot of people use paper, such as magazines, to start their fireplace. However, the colour inks in magazines as well as the plastic-like coating over them commonly release toxic chemicals when they are on fire.


Clothes, clothing or cloth should never be burned in a gas fireplace. Aside from the smell that would be produced from that, they produce large amounts of smoke and soot, two things that commonly harm gas fireplaces. Clothing materials also burn at very high temperatures, which can create dangerous chimney fires.