Our designers can make perfect, modern, one-of-a-kind, Canadian-made furniture to seamlessly fit your home or office.


Create a piece of your own


Staying on top of architectural design, requires that we look at all elements of the home.  With our design background and the expertise possessed by our millwork division, we have found that we are asked to reproduce items of furniture or design them from scratch. Provide us with an inspiration photo or design criteria and we can create any level of work.

Our team of experts will advise you on what your options are. We will also let you know the consequences of some adjustments — one change may affect a piece’s look or functionality. We happily work with you and our suppliers to create the ideal piece for your home. Almost anything is possible, so don’t hesitate to ask.  Make an appointment to come by our office and we can make plans to build your ideal piece of furniture to your specifications.


Furniture Styles

We work on commercial and residential projects in the Toronto region to design and build unique and beautiful pieces. The talent and experience of our team allows us to work on projects of all sizes with a wide range of materials. Below are just a few examples of what we can do.