We offer custom cabinetry and millwork to surround your fireplace mantle with a variety styles and finishes to suite your space.


Dedicated Millworking


With our focus on the total vision for the fireplace, this includes the extension to all the finishing around it including the millwork.  To keep control over all aspects of the project, we have our own millwork shop to create the work we design.  Prefabricated fireplaces specify clearances all around them and keeping the job under one company ensures they are met.  We have found that in many cases where we have just supplied a unit, no one pays attention to the clearances only discovering errors too far down the line. 

Within our shop, we have a dedicated spray room so we can achieve the highest quality finish.  Other materials introduced such as steel or stone can be properly accounted for at the shop stage to ensure the highest quality end result.


Millwork Styles

Fireplace surrounds, furniture, and bookcases - make your space uniquely and beautifully your own. We design all custom millwork to your specific style as well as provide a detailed drawing and quote.