We have refined our abilities to take on any level of projects, including those that others may be unable or unwilling to undertake.


Providing quality design since 1993


With over 30 years in the design and construction industry, we have the ability to design all aspects of the fireplace including all finish work around it.  Whether it’s a more traditional look or more contemporary, we feel the key to longevity is the use of high quality finishing materials that will always stand the test of time.  Trendy materials can lose their appeal after a few years. 

While there will always be trends, proper use of higher quality materials will always stand the test of time.  We are always challenging ourselves to combine the vast array of high quality materials that are introduced to the market to create a look that will captivate for years to come.


Our Design Process



To begin the fireplace design process, we explore the style of your home to get a feel for your design taste and then create a rough sketch.




The next step is to figure out your budget. This will help determine the types of materials used for your fireplace and the timeline of the project.




Once the details have been worked out we will begin construction and installation. After thay we'll take some time to educate you on your new fireplace.



We've partnered with some of the best manufacturers out there.

We are continually searching for the very best in products and top quality manufacturing.  We deal with a wide variety of high end manufacturers for both commercial and residential purposes. Although, if you have an inspiration for a fire feature we will do our best to find a way to make it happen by customizing it. Come in and take a look through our showroom to see all of the models available.  And we would be happy to provide you with Manuals, Brochures and Model Specifications.