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We have a dedicated team to assist in trouble shooting, annual cleaning, parts replacement and other work if necessary.


Why Choose Us

 Fireplace Concepts has a dedicated technician to perform this work whether we sold it originally or not. This includes trouble shooting, annual cleaning, valve and parts replacement and or other work necessary.  Most fireplaces use fairly generic components so older units can usually be repaired.

It would only be a last resort that we would suggest to a client that the fireplace be replaced.  If that was the case, it would be referred back to the showroom in order that we present all the potential options and costs to the client. Despite what one might think, a built in fireplace cannot merely be slid out of a wall. With the exception of a true insert in to an existing fireplace, the stone and finishing will have to come off in order to remove the old unit.  At that point the client can consider whether to reinstall those elements or redesign as part of the exercise. 





Thanks to Peter who was able to visit the job, determine the complete scope of service and prepared a detailed estimate and schedule. Also thanks to Jeff and his construction crew who completed on time with no additional costs and were very conciensous about cleaning up and and advising when they would come and go.

John L.


I called Fireplace Concepts and Peter went out of his way to come to my house. He promptly quoted me the next day for a Valor G3 series and suggested that it be installed elevated. The fireplace was installed the very next week just in time as temperatures plummeted. I am now able to enjoy a Christmas with a warm fireplace!

Razor E.


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an industry leader, with 24 years of experience.

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As the market has become more saturated with gas fireplaces, most sellers of the past haven’t made provisions to service their products as well as provide annual maintenance.  We are an industry leader and here to help with all your fireplace needs.  For more information on our service department or inquires into fireplace maintenance contact us today.